love & death pt. 1

from by salvador

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this is the story of a tragic crime of passion in two parts.
a man catches his lover and best friend in bed and subsequently murders them both.
part 1 is his plea for an explanation of the events that took place that night. part 2 is his reconciliation with his lover from beyond the grave.
his lover's lines are indented in the lyrics below for clarity.


on sleepless nights i am well versed
and how it hurts
that i've forgotten what it felt like
to sleep by your side

and when you wept
and when you wept as i slept at ease
you harbored hate in your heart
and dreamed of joyous nights, our nights apart

then i saw you there on the bed we used to share
with feral eyes when i caught you by surprise

and I, had seen the way you looked at him before
and recognized his voice before I broke the door


tell me if you've ever felt a love like mine
strong enough to make a sane man lose his mind

but then i saw your life force pooling at feet
spreading like the shade at sundown when we'd meet

and i don't know
how i could've done anything to hurt you

_____you said you loved me, but i could never know
_____you shone so brightly, i felt helpless and alone

_____so when you sunk in the shadows of your mind
_____i had to find another love
_____who understood
_____to hold me closer now
_____like you never could

_____and i turned around when you threw me to the ground
_____and ran to hide when you shot me in my side

_____and i, had never seen that look upon your face
_____and gasped for air when you held my neck in place


_____but why'd you spend the whole night picking through my bones?
_____tearing flesh that was more caring than your own?

_____and when you stood upon the chaos you had caused
_____did you really think you triumphed nature's laws?

_____well did you find your proof?
_____or do you still deny the truth?


from dysphoria ep, released August 31, 2012



all rights reserved


salvador Berkeley, California

my name is omar.
i collect and record musical instruments when im not sleeping, reading, or crying.

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